Film Lighting Vans and Equipment Packages

Interview Package

Lighting Technician ,Transport, 3 x LED with Battery Kit, 4 x C stands, Poly Bounce, Floppies, Set of 4ft Diffusion Frames, Shot Bags and Trolley

$920 per day, if you book Online

*call to discuss a weekly fee


Daylight Control Package

Lighting Technician, Van, 12 x 12 Ultrabounce and Sail inc Stands, Hard / Soft Reflector, 2 x 4ft Silver / White Poly Bounce, Full, Half & Quarter 4 ft Diffusion Frames
2 x 4ft Floppies, 6 x C Stands, Cutters, Umbrellas, Shot bags and Ropes

$920 per day. If You Book Online

Weekly Packages for Equipment & Van Start at $1060
* wages as per meaa


Hyundai iLoad - BVD 01J

Lighting Technician, 1.8kw Par HMI, 1.2kw Par HMI, 200w Par HMI, Kino Flo Celeb 200 LED,
LED LiteMat, 2 x 1x1 LitePanel LED, Kino Flo Image 80, 2 x 4ft 4 bank Kino Flo,
2 x 4ft 1 bank Kino FloKino Flo Diva Light, 2 x 650w Fresnels, 2 x Dedo Lights,
12ft x 12ft sail and Ultrabounce Textiles8 x 8 Silk and Ultrabounce Textiles,
6 x 6 Silk and Ultrabounce TextilesSet of 4ft Diffusion Frames - 251, 250, 216,
Set of 4ft Black Floppies, Set of Cutters,Set of 4ft Poly Bounce - Silver & White, Umbrellas,
087 Stands, 069 Stands, C Stands, 10 Amp Cables, Rigging Equipment, Assorted Cut Gels,
Ladder, Shot Bags, 2 x Dimmers

10% Discount if you book online at $1275 per day inc Lighting Technician

Weekly Packages for Equipment & Van Start at $2800
* wages as per meaa


We are affordable and reliable, ask us about discounts for Independent Films, Short Films,
Reality TV, Content, Pilots, Music Video and Student Productions

Weekly Rates Provided For Drama

Super competitive rates offered for Indie Film Productions, get in touch and let's work out a deal

Payment by Account, Direct Transfer, Cash or Paypal

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