Film Lighting Australia is a Sydney based film lighting company that services Australia. We provide gaffers, lighting equipment, generators and film crew for feature films, television drama, television commercials, content, music videos and documentaries. Lighting creatively and innovately is something we strive for. On staff we have gaffers, best boys and lighting assistants, good australian film crew.

Our approach is to assess the lighting needs and aspirations of your production and deliver on it. We are committed to working with your production team, cinematographers, camera team and directors to create images that are special. With broad feature film and television commercial experience, we will keep you and your talent looking their best by offering best practice solutions and service. Our equipment is constantly updated and is well maintained.

Lighting consultation is free and we welcome new projects and ideas. We have an extensive film lighting inventory that is fully transportable. Truck and van packages including silenced generators are provided. We are cost effective and there are no hidden costs for your accounts department.


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